Birthday Treat Policy

In collaboration with surrounding schools in the Westfield Pyramid, Floris has a non-edible birthday treat policy.

As an educational setting, we strive to encourage healthful ways of living throughout every moment of the day. Students develop habits early, and it is our priority to cultivate healthy lifestyles in ways such as encouraging alternative methods to celebrate birthdays.  Many times, students choose to share their birthday cheer in one of the ways listed below:

  • Consider donating a book to the class or school library in honor of your child.  You may want to arrange to visit your child’s class to read the book aloud to the students.

  • Bring in one non-edible treat for each classmate such as a pencil, bookmark, or sticker.  Please note, balloons and treat bags are not allowed.

  • Nut-free cookies may be ordered from the cafeteria for the class during lunch.  Orders must be placed with the cafeteria manager at least two weeks in advance.  (Parents of students with health concerns may request a listing of ingredients in the cookies from the cafeteria to determine if they are safe for their child.)

In addition to promoting healthy alternatives, Floris is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all students.  As you know, many children are at risk of having serious reactions to certain foods. These students may feel left out and are possibly even put at risk when a snack is brought into the classroom for everyone to share. Together, parents, families, and the school can keep the environment safe, healthy, and happy for everyone.