Homework Guidelines for Parents

  • The purpose of homework is to practice skills learned in school, or possibly to preview upcoming curricular content.

  • A good rule of thumb for the amount of time students should spend on homework is ten minutes times their grade level.  For example, grade 3 should be 30 minutes; grade 4 should be 40 minutes, and so on. (This does not include additional nightly reading or work on long-term projects). An exception to this is our 6th grade advanced math class, as additional time may be needed for this advanced course.

  • Sometimes, your child may seem to have more homework than usual – ask your child if it is unfinished class work.  Sometimes students do not make the best use of their time in the classroom and may need to complete unfinished class work at home.

  • AAP and general education homework should be comparable. Students in AAP classes should not have more work - just different work (i.e. exploring content more deeply, etc.)

  • If students are spending much longer on a homework assignment than necessary, please have your child stop working on it, initial it, indicate the amount of time spent on it, and have your child bring it in to the teacher.  This is a school-wide policy – we recognize that children need down time at home. After spending seven hours working in school, no child should be spending additional hours working at home.